Inverting the Pyramid

The History of Soccer Tactics

Jonathan Wilson, 2009, Orion Publishing Group Ltd

In principle there is not a lot more to say about this book, because it is already a classic. It is the gate into a new world, when one gets bored with the ever the same descriptions of the game from TV commentators or newspapers. This is the history of soccer, told again, like so many times before, but this time it all makes sense, this time there is reason, why teams win and why the game has changed over more than 100 years and why even the best teams from the 1970s would have problems in every first league in the world today.
Jonathan Wilson tells the story, how soccer tactics have changed over time and that every innovation was an answer to a perfected and widely system before, which created success till it was adopted by most of the teams and new countermeasures had to be found. With the book you get the basic vocabulary of tactics discussions and after that, you are able to join the club of soccer nerds, who can read and describe a game in an analytical way, like it is usually only done with chess games. From now on the heroes of the game for you are not the players, because they are interchangeable but the coaches who are the masterminds behind every team. When you follow this path you will get much more out of every game, you are watching, than you can imagine.

Biography: 1/3
History: 3/3
Background: 0/3
Tactics & Game philosophy: 2/3

Must read for: No One >> Fans of soccer tactics >> Soccer fans >> All readers


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