Soccer IQ Vol. 1+2

Things That Smart Players Do

Dan Blank, 2012, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Dan Blank, 2013, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Soccer iQ is the textbook for players. It explains a lot of tactical concepts from the perspective of a single soccer player and it does it well. There is one downside. When I read the first volume I had a really hard time not to stop reading after 2-3 chapters because of the arrogant tone of the author. The constant mentioning of how dumb all these players are and how they have to get hammered in the rules of the game, left me with the impression of a coach, who lacks any respect for his players and has a drill sergeant attitude of leading a team, which is anachronistic since at least since 30 years. At the end, in the final words of the second book, there is an explanation for that. One of the reason to write this books was: “I needed to vent. I needed to vent about the mistakes I’ve been watching soccer players make over and over for the past two decades.” Now, that is understandable but it makes it more difficult for readers to accept the teachings, when the message is delivered with a club. That might be a reason, why the positive reviews predominantly come from coaches.
Apart from that, the book describes step by step all common mistakes young soccer players make and how to fix them. You would expect that this is the everyday job of every coach in the country and therefore the book is superfluous but judging the reactions and reviews of the book, especially coaches seem to find the recommendations valuable. For a young player reading this book early can make a big difference and help him/her to fix the teething troubles quickly, so that he/she can focus the learning on other aspects of the game. You will not find in this book any tactical information for teams, which are usually described in coaching literature. It is specifically written out of the single player perspective and therefore covers a unique area, which now does not need another publication to be filled.

Biography: 0/3
History: 0/3
Background: 0/3
Tactics & Game philosophy: 2/3

Must read for: No One >> Youth soccer players >> Soccer fans >> All readers


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