Massimo Lucchesi, 2003, Reedswain Books & Videos

After looking into the details of zonal play and the 4-4-2 it was time to move on to pressing in general. Lucchesi’s book starts with a description of movements of the defensive team, which we know from the zonal play, but he sets a special focus on how to prepare or cover the pressing actions of the players close to the ball. After that it is explained how pressing in the own half is carried out (midfield and defensive pressing), what is the right position of the players nearby and when to go for the ball. Furthermore the right marking of other opponent players is explained and how to back up the team mates, who are pressing. The same is done for offensive pressing. Additionally to the training exercises there are also chapters about offside, counter-attacks and the mentality, which plays a major role for successful pressing.
So in general one has to say that the topic is completely covered with the book and one can start training with a team right now. On the other hand, similar to most of the other Italian tactic books published by Reedswain I do not feel satisfied after reading it. The whole teaching approach seems to be very limited. You get told “that this is the way how the wing-back has to move and this way the full-back, these are the exercises to train that.” What is lacking is an explanation for it, an example why this is good but another position or move is bad, so that one can get an idea of the bigger picture and can use the same methodology for other situations. Lacking examples are another important point, which makes this books hard to read. If the teaching would be shown with examples from real games, again positive and negative, than it would become much more interesting. Even, if these examples are again just diagrams with arrows and dots it would provide context and it would allow to see the work in a less ideal setup then it is described in the books. So again, you will learn the basics of pressing from this book but it could be a much better read. I think, in the future I have to explore a bit outside the Reedswain portfolio to find more entertaining reads.

Biography: 0/3
History: 0/3
Background: 0/3
Tactics & Game philosophy: 3/3

Next book: The Blizzard: Issue Five (Dec 27th)


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