Johnny Cook

The Impossible Job

Iain Macintosh, 2014, Blizzard Books

Harton Town is not a well-known address in English soccer. Although they stayed for quite a while in the Premier League they are just one of the many names you know, because they fill the lower ranks of the table but you cannot relate any story or success with them. It is again to the credit of the Blizzard team that they found a story, which is worth telling and which makes the club known to to a broader audience. It is a bit like the story of Brian Clough at Leeds United but under opposite signs. The amount of time covered is similar, here it is actually not more than three weeks, but It is not the best coach and the best team of the league which are matched and try to find a way to work together for more success but quite the opposite. The most underrated coach and team join their power to avoid disaster, that means relegation. Nevertheless the problems of acceptance and of a new coach, the impact on the player hierarchy or that only parts of the board support the new manager are quite comparable. Therefore the story of the coach who’s career ended way to early and who finds his new role as coach is repeated here in a setting of a relegation fighting club.

Did I mention that it is novel? It is. Easy to read, without any unnecessary bells and whistles and with a well thought through story which never becomes too cheesy. It is a good read for the die-hard soccer fans and people who spend endless hours playing football managers.

Biography: 0/3
History: 0/3
Background: 0/3
Tactics & Game philosophy: 0/3

Next book: For the Love of the Ball


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